Tuesday, July 21, 2015

If Have Motorcycle Helmet Camera What's Thing Will Do

Motorcycle Helmet Camera

I does not have the best Motorcycle Helmet Camera and this my dream and share What's Thing Will Do, first owner? I like to drive motorcycle and bike extreme such as drive motorcycle up to mountain and forest. My dream, the mountain have good green tree view and green grass and have the animal and take my action camera attached on helmet.

Today I have SJ4000 wifi action camera, I think enough for me new experience in photo and video clip.

Life of journal is in everybody. I will travel and member it in action camera. Now online share the travel images and video clip on the internet.

Now, When I ride a motorcycle I will hand carry my action camera without helmet camera. For me, The Motorcycle helmet camera is expensive, but I thing everything have the out way. I have use the SJ4000 Wifi accessories to attached my motorcycle helmet.

If I have time I will share my motorcycle helmet camera.

Well the life of journal will occur in future.

Someone use action camera in the city, town, mountain, sea, beach, sport, night, moment, wedding, cooking, shop, on the road and more.

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