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Thursday, July 23, 2015

No Action Camera - My House History When Young

No Action Camera - My House History When Young

After I writing the articles, Now I stop it, because I have new passion for my garden and make it happen. Don't worry I take photo every garden step to share.

All my images are free online you can download without register. You can use anywhere.

I will talk about my House history when I was young. I am Thai citizen. When I was young my home made from wooden. My family have 4 person, dad, mom, brother and me. My home place near the little mountain between forest. When build the house my dad took the wood around the house and cut it. The hand saw is the grate tool. My house floor made from bamboo. My roof made from Palm leaf. When holiday I and my brother go to the river together to water jump.

My family eat rice. Before breakfast, we find vegetable near my house and cook. Many foods are Nam-Prik(Thai sauce eat with vegetable), vegetable pass hot water, fish fry, fish grill. Those foods are perfect food and good taste.

My rice was plants on the mountain. I was keep the rice.

When I was young I go to school by my walk around 6 kilometer. Yes you don't miss my word "my walk around 6 kilometer". If have rain, I wear the rain cloth, I prepare everyday in raining season. My home was in south of Thailand "Ranong"

Tell a little bit my province. Ranong province was in Andaman sea and near Kra-bi. Ranong is tourism and have many tourist visit their. The Hot spring is most popular for tourism and now have new popular is new hot spring is "Porn Runk Hot Spring". Thai south food is so delicious and you will eat fresh sea food.

Ranong Hot Spring

The good time I tell my house history when I was young. So sorry my English grammar. If I am wrong tense or wording I apologize too. If I have new history, article about us I will share you.