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Best SJ4000 Wifi Action Camera Review and Setup

SJ4000 Wifi Action Camera Review

Due to I got SJ4000 wifi action camera few months, but not time to review and now I will review this action camera and share. This SJ4000 wifi Action Camera is individual review and no relation about this manufacturing product. I just only the action camera. I like and need the action camera as ling times, but no budget for buy it.

SJ4000 Wifi In Waterproof Case
SJ4000 Wifi In Waterproof Case

Tell the story after I wrote the article "best action camera" and "life of action" I think about what is the topic name for writing about my SJ400 action camera and now enclose my topic article name is SJ4000 Wifi action camera review.

Description: SJ4000 Wifi produce from SJCAM, water resistance 30M, multipurpose, Wifi connection, 1080P Full HD, Sport Body

Introduction I like: I like wifi function, that can help me easy video clip, photo shot, change the seting up between the photo or video that all without selfie stick. Yes I did not have selfie stick, I solve this problem by use the bamboo branch and make instead selfie stock, that work perfectly and I used the wifi function in SJ4000 to control action camera via my mobile phone. The app call name is "SJCAM HD"

Feature from The Packing

  • Image sensor  12MP CMOS-Sensor
  • Color Black/White/Silver/Yellow/Red/Gold
  • Wifi         Wireless Wifi
  • LCD         1.5" LCD Screen
  • Image resolution: 12MP,8MP,3MP
  • Video format: H.264
  • Default resolution: Video:1080P/Picture:4032*3024
  • Zoom: 4X
  • Lens: 170 HD wide-angle lens
  • Memory: Max 32GB
  • Battery: Detachable 900mAh
  • Weight: 44g(without battery)/58g(with battery)
Application: Extreme Sports, Outdoor Sport Activities, Bicycle, Car,Driving, Home security etc, Note: I use shot, moment time, take photo and video clip.

Special like for me the  Waterproof 30M, it feature make me like the body, that make from the durable plastic and clear. I can see through the real body JS4000 wifi action camera. Anyone like us?

How to buy and get it? I search online shop and order from internet, I can not tell you, but you can see and compare the price each shop, If you accept the price or have sale time you could buy. I suggest.

Let's follow us all SJ4000 wifi action camera review from us.

SJ4000 Wifi Action Camera and Accessories
SJ4000 Wifi Action Camera and Accessories

I got full accessories, cycling, bike, sport, waterproof case, waterproof case clip, bike bracket, multi function clip, camera clip, helmet seat, bandages, cleaning cloth, power adapter, 3M Sticke, USB cable and manual
Waterproof Case
Waterproof Case made from durable plastic, that grate design

I like the waterproof case, it seem old film.

Full View SJ4000 Wifi action camera
Font view Full  SJ4000 Wifi action camera
I got the Black color body it seem strong and sport design.

Right Side View SJ4000 Wifi Action Camera
Full Right Side View SJ4000 Wifi Action Camera
Right side SJ4000 Action camera have 2 button up an down manu control

Battery Side
The Bottom side is storage the Battery
The Bottom side is place of battery, I suggest if you have big finger, it make difficult to change the battery.

Left side of Action Camera
Left side of Action Camera 
Left side of Action camera place for Micro SD memory card, HDMI and USB port

SJ4000 Wifi In Waterproof Case
SJ4000 Wifi In Waterproof Case
After got it, I took the SJ4000 to store in waterproof case, that so safe and beauty design.

Waterproof case Clip
Waterproof case Clip accessories

Action Camera App for Mobile
Action Camera App for Mobile
Action Camera App for Mobile have 2 choices for Android or For Ios.

Water resistance 30 M
The Package tell us about Water resistance 30 M
This feature I can not use. I no chance to the sea or the river, If I have chance to go to the sea I will try.

SJ4000 wifi action camera Feature
SJ4000 wifi action camera Feature view
If you need to zoom, please click on above image and will see the good resolution image.

Multi Purpose Use
Multi Purpose Use.
I think easy understand the multi purpose, those conversion vie the symbolic picture.

Wifi direct control
Wifi direct control
SJ4000 Wifi direct control, IOS Phone, Android Tablet, Android Phone, ios Tablet.

How to Setup SJ4000 Wifi Acrion Camera, I will Show you 

I have took shot with my mobile phone, this setup for SJ4000 Wifi action camera only. If I am wrong I apologize too. Let follow me setup the camera.

LCD screen
LCD screen
When power on, will see the normal video and ready to movie clip. Show are battery status, sound record, the yellow is no video clip record. If video clip record work, the yellow point will change to red point.

2 MHD Photo Shot
2 MHD Photo Shot
This for photo shot, I think it enough for me take my photo shot.

Setup Manu
Setup Menu
SJ4000 Wifi Action camera have 6 pages setup menu, Page 1

Resolution Menu
Resolution Menu
Resolution Menu: 1080FHD, 720P, VGA (I set to 720P as above image in green light)

Video lapse menu
Video lapse menu setup

Capture Mode Setup
Capture Mode Setup Menu ( I set to Single)

Cyclic Record Menu
Cyclic Record Menu setup (I set to Off)

Motion Detect Menu
Motion Detect Menu

Image Size Menu
Image Size Menu setup, Choose the right and you like

Frequency Menu
Frequency Menu use for VGA Mode

Deleting Menu
Deleting Menu Setup, Delete all or the present image or video

All SJ4000 Wifi action camera setup review for me. You can change to right for you. I am not use all function test. If I chance I will test and let share this Chai's action camera

SJ4000 wifi action camera Photo and image test

The real images from below from SJ4000 wifi action camera, without photo edit program.

Racing Imobile Stadium image
Take photo 2MHD with SJ4000 Wifi Action Camera

Motor Sport Circuit
Motor Sport Circuit Image

Long Life The King & Motor Sport Circuit
Long Life The King & Motor Sport Circuit 

Blue Sky Image
Blue Sky Image I take photo fisheye style

Grass area with SJ4000 Wifi action camera
Grass area with SJ4000 Wifi action camera, it so good view

Paddy Field
Paddy Field images

The way on the paddy field
The way on the paddy field photo

SJ4000 Wifi Action camera Video Test

I test and upload the vedeo test on youtube, I think is perfect video clip.


I rate good for SJ4000 Wifi action camera, the feature design so good, video clip is ok, Please improve sound record to increase the sound, Night video clip is clear, Low light weight and easy carry, Waterproof case grate design, Free the accessories I will used the rest accessories,

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Article and Story by: Chai's Action Camera

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