Monday, July 20, 2015

Life Of Action With Action Camera

Life Of Action With Action Camera

My lifestyle is exercise, take photo, film video, shot, take with action camera and talk about the history from photos. If we feel good from photo or something right that video clips or shot, we feel good and share them to online internet. My action camera photos everyone can use. No limited and to rise.

The way on the paddy field with Action Camera
The way on the paddy field with Action Camera

Previously I am never used action camera. I used the mobile phone to kept the life shot and movie life clip.  And now I have seen that and most talk the action camera and have the advertisement on TV have the new camera that call "Action camera"

The first launch of action camera is more expensive and have one brand ProGo, that I can not reach and till now...present I have many brands action camera launch on online market. Yes bravo and I take time to study which one the best action camera for me and inexpensive.

I have took few weeks to study and learn function in action camera and I have choose the "SJ4000" action camera. The feature is wifi connecting with my mobile, the body can deep waterproof action camera.

Yes, I got it's action camera in few days and save my money 1/4 from others one.

This time I stop my first blog about action camera and I will share the SJ4000 review, pleae be patient.

I have saw the action camera in the car, yes that help the face situation and store to the memory. If you have the fail situation or dangerous cause, you can review, that all the Action camera can help you.

I will write the benefit of action camera, If I have time, see next time.   

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