Monday, July 20, 2015

The Best Action Camera In My Idea

The Best Action Camera In My Idea

Although in the world have many cameras choice, but If we have the best best and match for us such as no vibration when filming, have good night shot or films, can take anywhere and if have good moment the action camera can fast response. This article about best action camera in my idea.

Grass area with action camera
Grass area with action camera

What is idea do you feel? Yes may someone can think my idea are bla bla bla. Please stop, please read my action camera idea.
  • Not big camera
  • Can easy handle.
  • Battery power long times.
  • Fast shot of moment.
  • Have function 10 mins video clips, let's explain: 10 mins video clip then cut and auto 10 mins video clips and repeat next.
  • No vibration movie clip function.
  • Waterproof is normal function in action camera.
  • Please improve the sound, I have little sound record in my action camera.
  • The accessories are good and can apply any situation as extreme, sport shot, cycling, bike and more extreme shot. 
How about my Action Camera In My Idea? Yes someone not accept, don't worry I just opinion and if someone like. I feel good. See next time article in action camera 

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